Who we are?

Lemra Kingi Mollel

Kingi Lemra Mollel is my full name. I belong to a Masai tribe and Im 32 years. I’m married to one wife and I have four children. I have worked in the turistic sector in Tanzania for over fifteen years. I have worked as a guide showing my country on foot, I’ve been trekking guide, mountain hiking guide, waiter and cook. Most people I’ve accompanied on his travels in Tanzania were excited and most of them are my friends today. We communicate through email or other social networks like Facebook, Whatsapp and Skype.
I have also traveled to other countries like Kenya and Spain. I have been in Spain three, in 2012, 2014 and 2016 where I worked as a cook and as a guide of Masai culture. And also I have received two Spanish groups in Tanzania, for which I’ve cooked during their stay here.

I am fluent in three languages: Masai (MAA), my mother tongue, Kiswahili and English as a national language. I learned Spanish and Italian from friends and tourists; so I know a few words in these languages.

Now Im willing to show you my country and my ancient culture.


Managing Director
Matthew was born in 1990 in Loliond, Ngorongoro district, in October to December 2013 he has
attended tour guide field attachment under Tanzania national parks.
During the above mention period he was exposed in the following field;

  • Guiding visitors in the national parks
  • Interpretation of the park resources at the visitors informational center
  • Identification of mammals, birds, and plants found in the parks
  • Customer care skills

In 2014 t0 2015 he worked in Eseneto cultural boma as a translator, and later he worked at proud of
Tanzania safaris as a safari guide, he also worked as a tour operator for 2 years in a same company.
He loves to show people his beautiful country of Tanzania …tells stories that they have never heard,
organize and take people to safaris and show them the world’s most wanted animals…his passion for
photography and wildlife makes him one of the classic spotter for the most hidden wild animals in
After met Lemra king they decided to established a travel company together as partners