Cultural & Historical Tours

We offer organized Tanzania Cultural and Historical Tours and Safaris that will immerse travelers in the real Tanzanian culture. The trip includes a visit to Chaga tribes, Masai tribes, and Hadzabes bushmen tribes.

With Cultural and Historical Tours you will be able to witness Small groups of hadzabe bushmen live around lake eyasi. Their language resembles the click languages of other bushmen further south in the kalahari. Their small population was seriously threatened, in particular during the period when Julius Nyerere tried to introduce his ujuma policy. The tribe resisted the forcible settlement policies and nowadays most of their children have never seen a doctor or school – the bush provides for all their needs. 

These Cultural and Historical Tours offer an unforgettable experience, allowing tourists to deeply connect with Maasai traditions while supporting the local community

Discover the rich heritage of the Maasai people through immersive cultural and historical tours:

Village Visit

Explore Traditional Villages: Witness daily life in Maasai manyattas, learn about their customs, and engage with the community.

Enjoy and participate in traditional Maasai dances, including the iconic jumping dance (Adumu).

 Crafts and Art Workshops

Create Traditional Beadwork: Join workshops to make Maasai beadwork and crafts, and take home unique souvenirs.

Cultural Talks: Hear stories and history from Maasai elders, gaining insight into their rich cultural heritage.

Wildlife Safaris with Maasai Guides

Explore Wildlife: Discover the flora and fauna of Kenya and Tanzania with expert Maasai guides who share traditional ecological knowledge.

See the simple bush homes where the tree canopy alone or a cave provides them shelter. They live entirely off the bush and from hunting, generally small antelopes and baboons. In rainy seasons, gazelles and antelopes come down from the Ngorongoro or Serengeti to their lush bush lands thereby offering them richer pickings. 

lake eyasi

Some of the popular cultural centres which may be tailored into visitor itineraries include:

  • Mto wa Mbu, a multicultural village-cum-town near Lake Manyara National Park
  • Maasai Boma and villages in Ngorongoro Conservation Area
  • Lake Eyasi: land of the Hadzabe and Datoga
  • Arusha – Ng’ireshi village of Waarusha tribe, relatives of the Maasai, 7km from Arusha town
  • Arusha – Mulala village of Waarusha and Wameru tribes, 30kms from Arusha town