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The Maasai African Travel team, led by the talented founder and CEO Matthew, is passionate about creating unforgettable safari adventures. Renowned for their expertise in spotting even the most elusive wildlife, this dynamic team offers authentic and immersive experiences across Tanzania. Their deep knowledge of the land and its creatures ensures every journey is extraordinary. Beyond exceptional safaris, they are dedicated to uplifting the Maasai community, blending adventure with meaningful cultural connections. Experience the magic of Africa with a team that truly cares.



Matthew was born and grew up in a typical Maasai village in Loliondo, Ngorongoro district, his passion and love to wildlife and tourism have developed since he was in primary school. 

Matthew combines his passion for photography and travel to provide unforgettable safari experiences. His deep understanding of the land and its inhabitants allows him to capture stunning images and share the beauty of Africa with the world. He loves to show people his beautiful country of Tanzania …tells stories that they have never heard, organize and take people to safaris and show them the world’s most wanted animals…his passion for photography and wildlife makes him one of the classic spotter for the most hidden wild animals in savannah. 

Beyond his professional accomplishments, Matthew is deeply committed to his community. He actively engages in initiatives aimed at improving the lives of the Maasai people, demonstrating his dedication to preserving their rich cultural heritage while fostering development. With his expertise, enthusiasm, and community spirit, Matthew stands out as a leader in both the tourism industry and his local community.

Lemra Kingi Mollel

Lemra Kingi is a passionate Maasai tour guide who grew up near the sacred Maasai mountain, Oldoinyo Lengai. His deep connection to this spiritual landmark and rich cultural heritage makes him an exceptional guide. Specializing in walking safaris and trekking Oldoinyo Lengai, Kingi offers immersive, educational, and thrilling experiences in Tanzania. With his extensive knowledge and heartfelt storytelling, a tour with Lemra Kingi is an unforgettable journey into the heart of Maasai land.

Nasha Tendeu 

Handles sales.

He loves the outdoors and a big fan of nature. He is loved by our guests for his attentiveness in dealing with customers, fast responses, and eagerness to help at all times.
He is dynamic and open minded person who believes in the value of hard work, self development, commitment to excellence as well as the capacity for teamwork.
His focus has always been on developing expertise in the Tourism industry, so as to be able to help to bring about positive change in the way we interact and experience nature.