About us

“Tailor-Made Experiences In Tanzania”

Maasai African Travel

We are a locally owned and operated safari company dedicated to sharing the incredible natural beauty and wonder of our home country with visitors from all over the world.

Every journey we design with great care and attention to the smallest detail. A safe and comfortable environment in which our clients can enjoy exclusive personal private encounters. Authentic connections that go deep. Travel can change the traveler and at the same time support and help others. Local communities benefit from responsible and sustainable tourism. 

Wildlife conservation and nature as well as cultural heritage preservation are equally essential. Every itinerary we exclusively design for our clients is using carefully chosen experiences that seek to have a positive impact on everyone.

We work with people and partners who share our vision, ethics, and passion. Together we aim to improve conditions for local communities with better employment, housing, health, education, and gender equality.


The Maasai African Travel and Tour Co, Ltd concession is devoted to creating an enduring relationship with our guests by providing highly personalized services and gracious hospitality in an informally elegant African setting while acknowledging our social and environmental responsibilities.


To establish a lasting legacy built on our core principles of community conservation and commercial safari partnerships. To have our concession be known to create a personal experience for our guests that they will treasure for a lifetime and be the destination of choice for unique wildlife, culture, and wildness experience in a comfortable atmosphere.